An Introduction is in Order


I’m finally taking the plunge into the blogosphere. The water seems warm, so I’m jumping in.

So, who am I anyway? I am the founding pastor of Grace Church, a 6-year old reformed Baptist church in Alpharetta, Georgia (north suburb of Atlanta). Every Sunday I get the sweet privilege of shepherding a spiritually hungry congregation via the weekly exposition of Scripture and God-centered worship.

I am a graduate of The Criswell College (B.A) and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Div). I came to Christ when I was 14 and have been reading the Puritans since I was 15, when I began studying Jonathan Edwards and Thomas Watson. Needless to say, the long-term effect has produced a deep savoring of the sovereignty of God in my life, and along with it the embracing of the doctrines of grace.

This blog will mostly offer commentary on a wide variety of issues that relate to Christian theology, living and thinking – from a reformed perspective. I’ll probably rant, sometimes rave, and will try to consistently offer a perspective on things that I hope you’ll find interesting and helpful, if not at least thought-provoking. Almost always there will be a theological point to what I write, except when I’m telling you how great some new thing is that I’ve discovered and like to use, or when I’ve got a critique for something I’d like to see improved.

I hope you’ll drop in or even comment along the way. The water is warm… See ya ’round!



2 Responses to An Introduction is in Order

  1. Steve Weaver says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere, Scott!

  2. Greg Kreis says:

    I went to the church’s website,, and it says the site is parked or pending renewal. I just want to give you a heads up so they don’t cut off your services all together.

    “This domain is parked, pending renewal, or has expired.
    Please contact the domain provider with questions.”

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