A Gospel-centered Perspective on Environmental Issues


Dr. Russell Moore, of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, recently wrote an article entitled “Blood, Gore, and Global Warming“. It’s a great 3-minute read, and an all-too-rare example of a thoughtfully Biblical way to discuss the practice of stewardship of the “environment,” which, incidentally, used to be referred to as the “creation.” (But that’s another post for another day).

I’ve culled three paragraphs from it that succinctly state a Gospel-centered perspective on environmental concerns. This is the kind of Christ-exalting, hope-giving, eternal perspective that Christians ought to let shape their thinking and acting regarding all things environmental.

The universe is cursed, and the universe groans under the burden of this curse (Rom 8:19-22). That doesn’t mean that we simply give the earth over to the ravages of its birth-pangs, anymore than we can cite the curse of literal human birth-pangs as reason not to comfort a mother in delivery. It does mean, though, that we understand the limits of “saving the world” in this time between the times. And it means that we understand that, whatever the environmentalists tell us, humanity is not a “cancer” on the earth…or a “virus,” or a “fever.”

The earth is longing for something, the apostle Paul tells us, longing for a Man, the Lord Jesus, who unseats the dragon despot of this present darkness. The earth is groaning for us, “for the revealing of the sons of God” (Rom 8:19). That’s why gospel proclamation is the most farsighted form of environmental activism. The earth is delivered when her rulers are raised from the death curse, when all things once again are under their feet, in Christ. (emphasis added)

Let’s take care of the earth, protect the natural order. But let’s remember that the world is not ultimately rescued by politicians or musicians or filmmakers or scientists. The world is saved by blood, not Gore.

Thanks to Tim Challies for the head’s up on this article.


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