The Message of Paula White: It’s All About Me

Before the scandal broke about Randy and Paula White, I really didn’t know anything about them except that they were televangelists. Of course, this led me to assume that they were probably charismatics and since they were televangelists, they were probably health and wealth proponents. But, I found out that I really didn’t assume enough!Continue reading “The Message of Paula White: It’s All About Me”

“The Route to a Renaissance of the American Fine Arts Lies Through Religion.”

Those are not the words of a theologian or pastor, but of Camille Paglia. Who’s she? She is, according to Wikipedia, an “American social critic, author and teacher. She is a professor of humanities and media studies at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.” She’s no fan of Christianity, by her own admission. But,Continue reading ““The Route to a Renaissance of the American Fine Arts Lies Through Religion.””

The Christian Community’s Neglect of Art

“Christians today often talk about influencing the culture through the arts. This often means, in practice, Christians letting themselves be influenced by the culture through the arts.” Those are the opening words of Gene Edward Veith’s article “When Christianity Shaped the Arts” in the February issue of Tabletalk magazine. In truth, most Christians just don’tContinue reading “The Christian Community’s Neglect of Art”

Is This Paula White’s Justification for Her Divorce?

This is the text of an article Paula wrote on her website entitled “Associations.” [Comments in brackets] [I’ve already posted my thoughts on her divorce, but when I read this article by her, I was just incredulous. Not only is so much of this is just plainly unbiblical, but it is so insightful into theContinue reading “Is This Paula White’s Justification for Her Divorce?”

Another Scandal In The Church For The World To Find Hypocrisy In

Boy, the news is just popping today with news of Jesus’ deep and profound impact on the lives of very public figures. Here’s three stories for you. 1.) For starters (no pun intended), Michael Vick has now “found Jesus.” This after pleading guilty to cruelty and conspiracy charges for dogfighting and dog killing, and afterContinue reading “Another Scandal In The Church For The World To Find Hypocrisy In”

“Expelled” – Exposing Scientific Intolerance

It’s about time! Finally someone is making a movie that exposes the radical fundamentalism of the scientific left. None other than the brilliant financial funnyman (“Bueller”) Ben Stein is making a movie called “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” to be released in February 2008. What’s it about? It exposes how the scientific community blackballs scientists whoContinue reading ““Expelled” – Exposing Scientific Intolerance”

Should Christians Call God “Allah”?

A Catholic bishop from the Netherlands is being quite unhelpful today. He’s calling for Christians to start referring to God as “Allah.” According to Australia’s Herlad Sun, Bishop Muskins said: “Allah is a very beautiful word for God . . . . What does God care what we call him?” Well, He cares very much!Continue reading “Should Christians Call God “Allah”?”

“Muslim Jesus” on British TV

The second largest British television broadcaster behind the BBC is set to air the following “documentary”: “There was no manger, Christ is not the Messiah, and the crucifixion never happened. A forthcoming ITV documentary will portray Jesus as Muslims see him. With the Koran as a main source and drawing on interviews with scholars andContinue reading ““Muslim Jesus” on British TV”

Inside the Legalist Mindset, Part 7: Authoritarian Attitude vs. Student Attitude

One attitude of legalists that stands out among all the others is the attitude of being an authority on most spiritual matters. Once legalists start down the road of collecting all the right rules, and tightly defining what a Christian ought to be in nearly every detail, it isn’t too long before they start toContinue reading “Inside the Legalist Mindset, Part 7: Authoritarian Attitude vs. Student Attitude”

Inside the Legalist Mindset, Part 6: Under-defining Legalism and Over-defining Sin

The word “legalism” is a loaded term. Nearly every group that uses it has something slightly different in mind. From my experience, the type of legalists I have been writing about in this series make the mistake of defining legalism too narrowly. They only define it as the attempt to add works to salvation. ButContinue reading “Inside the Legalist Mindset, Part 6: Under-defining Legalism and Over-defining Sin”