Paula White Blames God for Her Divorce

When she went on Carman’s TV show on TBN (Sept. 12, 2007 episode), Paula White gave no hint whatsoever of taking personal responsibility for her divorce. Instead, everything she said made it clear that she believes that her divorce is nothing but a trial that God has brought into her life, totally beyond her ownContinue reading “Paula White Blames God for Her Divorce”

Nebraska Democrat Sues God

This is just too good to pass up. Nebraska Democratic Senator Ernie Chambers has filed a suit against God. Why? His lawsuit states that he wants God (the defendant) to stop natural disasters from occurring on earth. In it he says that the “defendant directly and proximately has caused, inter alia [that is, among otherContinue reading “Nebraska Democrat Sues God”

Why Christians Won’t Kill Kathy Griffin

(This is posted in contrast to the previous post) In her acceptance speech for an Emmy award Saturday night, comedian Kathy Griffin said the following (censored) remarks: “A lot of people come up here and thank Jesus for this award. I want you to know that no one had less to do with this awardContinue reading “Why Christians Won’t Kill Kathy Griffin”

Extreme Islamic “Generosity”

This is appalling. The leader of Al-Qaeda in Iraq has called for the murder of the Danish cartoonist, and his editor, who “insulted” Mohammed by depicting him in a cartoon. (Story here). “We are calling for the assassination of cartoonist Lars Vilks who dared insult our Prophet, peace be upon him, and we announce aContinue reading “Extreme Islamic “Generosity””

Can Christians Enjoy Secular Music? – Part 3

Recently over on the Reformation 21 blog, Carl Trueman mentioned his excitement over an upcoming reunion concert of the 3 remaining members of Led Zeppelin. Those who keep up with his blog know that as an Englishman he has an affinity for several of the big British bands that helped define rock music as weContinue reading “Can Christians Enjoy Secular Music? – Part 3”

Pragmatism: One Way Evangelicals Fail to Value Poetry and Fictional Literature

I’ve noted previously (here and here) that Evangelicals are generally poorly adept to both appreciating and producing good art, be it literary, musical, performing, or what have you. There are many reasons why this is true, of which I am only beginning to scratch the surface in my own thinking. This is a new frontierContinue reading “Pragmatism: One Way Evangelicals Fail to Value Poetry and Fictional Literature”

Authenticity and Innovations in Church: Jared Wilson

I’ve been reading Jared Wilson’s Gospel-Driven Church blogĀ  for a few weeks now, and I’ve got to say that I think I am a kindred spirit with this guy. I love his rants. Every time he writes one, I just resonate with him. Here are a few choice quotes from 3 different posts on hisContinue reading “Authenticity and Innovations in Church: Jared Wilson”

Why Evangelicals Don’t Write Great Literature

Where are the C.S. Lewis’s, the J.R.R. Tolkien’s, the Flannery O’Connors of our day? Why aren’t Evangelicals producing writers like this? What’s missing in our Evangelical church culture that fails to produce writers like that? A fantastic article appeared recently in Touchstone magazine by Donald T. Williams that wrestles this important question and offers someContinue reading “Why Evangelicals Don’t Write Great Literature”