New Mars Hill Audio Is Here! Issue 87


The latest Mars Hill Audio Journal is now available (Vol. 87). In case you are unfamiliar with it, it is “a bi-monthly audio magazine of contemporary culture and Christian conviction.” Think of it as Christian NPR.

Download a free edition here. Download free bonus tracks here. They also offer a great podcast called Audition. Ken is also the author of All God’s Children and Blue Suede Shoes, which I’m currently reading with great pleasure (albeit slowly).

As I’ve said before, this is an absolutely indispensable subscription for me. I never fail to be stretched in my thinking and understanding of the issues discussed. The fact is, I could write paragraph after paragraph of how much Mars Hill has enriched my life. It has been sheer pleasure to listen in on the conversations Ken has with his guests and be drawn in to a world of thoughts, ideas, and issues that I would otherwise have never thought about, much less though about well or Christianly, all for only $30 a year. I hope you’ll check them out. (This is a non-paid advertisement!)

This is what is on this new edition:

  1. John Witte, Jr., on why law needs to be understood in the context of its relation with other practices and disciplines, including religion
  2. Steven Keillor, on discerning the presence of God’s judgment in historical events
  3. Philip Bess, on how New Urbanist ideas are rooted in a natural law framework
  4. Scott Cairns, on how the writing of poetry requires attentiveness to the life of words
  5. Anthony Esolen, on why Western literary critics need to understand Christian convictions
  6. Anthony Esolen, on ironies of time, power, and love at the heart of Christian belief
  7. CD & MP3 Bonus Track: John Witte, Jr., on historical models for the relationship between Church and State

2 Responses to New Mars Hill Audio Is Here! Issue 87

  1. johnohara says:

    Christian NPR? Is NPR overtly non-Christian?

  2. Scott W. Kay says:

    Well, what I mean is that they are like NPR in style, except the bias is overtly Christian. IN terms of style, they host interviews like the kind you’d hear on “Fresh Air.” That is, they are not just exchanges of surface talk, but are more in-depth conversations about issues in culture which seek to help Christians think and live more faithfully.

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