What Are You Learning?

If I were to ask you, “What have you been reading lately that you learned from?” what would be your answer? Note, the question is NOT: “What have you been reading lately that was edifying?” BUT RATHER: “What has challenged you and taught you?” Leave your answer in the comments. (Thanks to Tyler Cowan forContinue reading “What Are You Learning?”

Are We Jesus’ Only Hope?

I saw this ad today and was stunned at first and then I figured it out. But figuring it out didn’t make me any less queasy about the ad. The little boy’s name is Jesus. I assume he’s from a Hispanic heritage, where Jesus is a common name. The ad is for Children International, aContinue reading “Are We Jesus’ Only Hope?”

Should Husbands Beat Their Wives?

According to Saudi author and cleric Muhammad Al-‘Arifi, the answer is: Yes, as long as the beating is light and not on the face. Here’s the transcript of the translation of the remarks he made on Saudi TV. “Admonish them – once, twice, three times, four times, ten times,” he advised. “If this doesn’t help,Continue reading “Should Husbands Beat Their Wives?”