Luther: Marriage is Hard Work

Reading Martin Luther’s biography today, I came across this (pp. 275-76): “There is no estate to which the Devil is so opposed as to marriage. The clergy have not wanted to be bothered with work and worry. They have been afraid of a nagging wife, disobedient children, difficult relatives, or the dying of a pigContinue reading “Luther: Marriage is Hard Work”

Replies to 21 Questions Answered About the Mormon Faith

Because of Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign raising all kinds of questions about the Mormon faith, the Mormon church has issued “21 Questions Answered About Mormon Faith,” which, in my opinion, do a fine job of carefully avoiding any clear answers of the real questions people are asking about the oddities of Mormonism. I’m not goingContinue reading “Replies to 21 Questions Answered About the Mormon Faith”

Homeschoolers Need Humility

Let me begin by telling you upfront that we are a homeschooling family. Before we had children – in fact, before we were married – Amanda and I decided that we would homeschool our children. We’ve been at it for a while now with four kids, the oldest of which is 13. We had severalContinue reading “Homeschoolers Need Humility”