When Sin Pays: How We’re Making a Mistress a Star

Eliot Spitzer is getting eclipsed by his mistress. I find the media’s treatment the entire sex scandal to be contradictory and strange. On the one hand there is apparent, and I say only apparent, outrage over Spitzer’s escapades with a high-priced prostitute. And on the other hand there is a bit of hand-rubbing glee thatContinue reading “When Sin Pays: How We’re Making a Mistress a Star”

Beauty’s Attraction: Like Irresistible Grace

“I just think beauty is irresistible. It disarms us. It takes away our arguments. …I think that beauty, which is more related in my mind to the sublime, is what we can not resist.” – Stephen Dunn, poet This is what Calvinists mean when we talk about irresistible grace. By His grace, the Spirit awakensContinue reading “Beauty’s Attraction: Like Irresistible Grace”

Moses Was High On Drugs?

The story has been in the news lately that some Israeli professor is now saying that Moses was actually high on drugs when he was on Mt. Sinai. I think it’s always an amazing feat of arrogance to think you can psychoanalyze someone 4000 years after they’ve lived! Why do people think they can doContinue reading “Moses Was High On Drugs?”