Fundamentalism and Christian Cooperation

The current 9Marks Ministries eJournal is now online for viewing. In light of the upcoming Together for the Gospel conference, they have taken up the topic of Christian cooperation. Since Fundamentalists are renown for their practice of separation, and even second- and third-degree separation, this issue of the eJournal takes up the discussion of how to strike “the balance between the gospel’s call to unity and its call to separation.”

If you are from a fundamentalist background, this looks to be a good read!

A PDF version is available.


Fellow Workers for the Truth
A humbling meditation on 3 John 8 that should be read by every Christian leader in the entire world.
By Andy Johnson

Together for What?
There are two kinds of Christians: the unity people and the purity people. But how can we be both, and be both well?
By Mark Dever

A Senior Saint on Unity
He’s been there and done that. What does the historical chronicler of Evangelicalism’s divisions and unions have for churches today?
By Iain Murray

Theological Triage
Some doctrines demand agreement; some don’t. But which are which?
By R. Albert Mohler


When, Why & Where To Draw Boundaries
God has entrusted us with a stewardship in this generation; the choice of doing something about false doctrine is up to us.
By Wayne Grudem

A Pastors’ and Theologians’ Forum
We asked a roundtable of pastors and theologians what Evangelical churches can learn from the Fundamentalists.
Answers from David Dockery, David Doran, Timothy George, Os Guinness, Darryl Hart, Michael Haykin, Robert Johnson, Paul Lim, James MacDonald, Mark Minnick, Phil Newton, Mark Noll, Paige Patterson, Lance Quinn, Jeramie Rinne, Carl Trueman, David Wells & Ben Wright

Potential and Pitfalls of Together For The Gospel
A Fundamentalist asks, doesn’t gathering together for one thing mean gathering against something else? So why not just say it?
By David Doran

A Christian Fundamentalist Travel Guide
An insider provides the Fundamentalist lay of the land, and wonders about the younger generation.
By Matthew C. Hoskinson

An Evangelical-Fundamentalist Convergence?
To some, it looks as if the two camps are coming closer together. Are the days of hammering Fundamentalists on the head passing?
By Ben Wright


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