First Look at the Personal Size ESV

I received mine in the mail this week, took a few pics of it, and then sent them to my friend Mark Bertrand to post on his Bible Design and Binding Blog. He’s promised to give a fuller review of it when his copy arrives next week, so stay tuned to his blog for more, but if you’ve been interested in obtaining a handy-sized single-column paragraphed ESV, head on over to the post on Mark’s site for a first glance.

If you are wondering what the big deal is about Bible publishers offering a single-columned paragraphed style layout, then read these articles Mark wrote about it in order to understand why this new Bible is a greatly-welcomed edition. Bottom line: it’s all about readability – the ease of actually reading the Bible as a book, not just using it as a reference tool. Now there’s a thought.

Single Column Setting?

Making Single Column Settings Work

Design Case Study: NEB New Testament Paperback

Mixed Message: What Publishers Can Learn from The Message Remix (see section 3a)


2 Responses to First Look at the Personal Size ESV

  1. Arcy says:


    Thanks for posting the pic of the personal size ESV. By the way, bible underneath the personal size appears to be an ESV as well (SCR Paragarph). Can you post the ISBN for that?


  2. Scott W. Kay says:

    The ISBN for the Personal Size Reference ESV in black genuine leather is: 9781581346794

    All four editions can be seen here:

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