Beauty’s Attraction: Like Irresistible Grace

“I just think beauty is irresistible. It disarms us. It takes away our arguments. …I think that beauty, which is more related in my mind to the sublime, is what we can not resist.” – Stephen Dunn, poet

This is what Calvinists mean when we talk about irresistible grace. By His grace, the Spirit awakens us to the breathtaking beauty of Jesus Christ, and all our resistance to Him is disarmed, so we run to him in faith, for we cannot resist the desire to embrace Him.

It’s funny how even a non-Christian poet can give us beautiful ways of seeing the world and even accidentally simplify oft-complicated theology.

(Source: “Provisional Conclusions, A conversation with poet Stephen Dunn,” Books and Culture, March/April 2008, p. 27)


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