Actually, I haven’t been totally absent from the blogosphere

Things have just been way too busy lately to write much of anything worth posting here. In fact, I have been rethinking my approach to blogging altogether, including some changes in the kinds of things I’ve posted about before, and the way they’ve been approached. I’ve begun enjoying some photography too, so some of my pictures may start showing up here as well. So don’t give up on me yet, I’ve got some things in the hopper that I think may see their way here soon enough.

In the mean time, I’ve actually had some posts make their way onto another blog, though only indirectly. My friend Mark Bertrand has been kind enough to post some pictures I took of some newly anticipated editions of ESV Bibles – the ESV Study Bible, the Deluxe Compact Edition, and the Personal Size Reference Edition. Check them out, and while your there, poke around a bit on his site and see if you don’t find it at least a little interesting.

If you’ve been considering getting a Bible rebound, you really should check out this page to see some of the fine work people are getting done. Look here for info on contacting Abbas Bibles in Mexico (they do most of the high-end calfskin covers for Bible publishers). I hear you can get a nice calfskin cover on your Bible for around $40. That’s a major steal!


3 Responses to Actually, I haven’t been totally absent from the blogosphere

  1. Kyle Hedrick says:


    Just wanted to say thanks for the great pics on the Bertrand site. I personally cannot read the compact Bibles because of type size (I bought the PSR ESV hoping that the moderate type size would work — but I just cannot get comfortable with any type under 9 point). Anyway, it was nice to see the photos and nice to get such good information on how Crossway is trying to give us all quality and options for such a small price. Thanks again.

  2. Scott W. Kay says:

    Thanks Kyle. I”m glad the pics are helpful. I’m in the same situation with you regarding my eyes. The print on those original Compacts are just way too small to read, and even the PSR is a little fatiguing without really good light. I still don’t plan on using the new Deluxe for regular reading, but for taking with me to meetings, etc. just to have it handy to look up something if I need to. For that it’s very convenient.

  3. plwalker says:

    Well, you’ve been a bit absent lately, and I know what you said is true, it isn’t because you don’t have anything to say. 😉 But, I will help you with something to post. I got tagged, so now it is your turn. You’ve been tagged.

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