Solzhenitsyn and Public Repentance

German newspaper Spiegel has posted a recent interview with Alexander Solzhenitsyn. It is interesting for a number of points, but what most intrigued me is his call for the authorities of his own Russia to offer public repentance for their crimes against millions of victims of the gulag and communist terror. Yet, he says, “IContinue reading “Solzhenitsyn and Public Repentance”

Cultural Decay & The Arts

“One of the reasons I do the work I do is because I believe that American society is in a state of cultural deterioration, and that the Church is often making things worse rather than better. Specifically, serious art, literature, and music no longer have the position of importance in the lives of educated AmericansContinue reading “Cultural Decay & The Arts”

Should Christians Enjoy “Secular” Art and Entertainment? – Part 2

In my first post on this issue, I got some great comments and have done some more thinking about it. Actually, I’ve been thinking and reading on it for better than a year now. So I am a rookie at this. I am no art critic, by any means, although I’m trying to learn aContinue reading “Should Christians Enjoy “Secular” Art and Entertainment? – Part 2″

Some Good Guidelines for Voting

Over at The Riddleblog, Dr. Kim Riddlebarger has posted a helpful, sane, reasonable, and biblically-sensitive set of means for Christians to size up a political candidate of any level of government. I think he gives some good ways to think about those “single issue voter” moral issues like abortion and homosexuality. Check it out.

Should Christians Enjoy “Secular” Art and Entertainment?

My formative years as a Christian were heavily influenced by strict fundamentalism (of the independent Baptist variety). I was taught that anything in entertainment that wasn’t expressly Christian wasn’t OK for a “godly” Christian to watch, listen to, read, look at, do. “Separation” from the world is one of the (if not the) chief marksContinue reading “Should Christians Enjoy “Secular” Art and Entertainment?”

A Brief Explanation of the Vatican’s Statement

Here’s why the recent statement by the Vatican is so wrong: They believe that your salvation depends on the primacy of the Pope. How? Here’s their theology and logic: Saving grace only comes through participating in the sacraments (baptism, mass, etc.). The sacraments only provide this grace when administered by ordained priests. Ordained priests areContinue reading “A Brief Explanation of the Vatican’s Statement”

A Gospel-centered Perspective on Environmental Issues

Dr. Russell Moore, of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, recently wrote an article entitled “Blood, Gore, and Global Warming“. It’s a great 3-minute read, and an all-too-rare example of a thoughtfully Biblical way to discuss the practice of stewardship of the “environment,” which, incidentally, used to be referred to as the “creation.” (But that’s anotherContinue reading “A Gospel-centered Perspective on Environmental Issues”

iPhone Technology and Human Depravity

Today is a day of extreme opposites. The long-awaited iPhone launches to incredible hype. People are waiting in lines (some have been camping for 4 days now) simply to have their long-awaited hopes realized for the latest technology solution for our lives. The hope and hype for the iPhone crystalizes the misplaced hope our culture clings to forContinue reading “iPhone Technology and Human Depravity”

An Introduction is in Order

I’m finally taking the plunge into the blogosphere. The water seems warm, so I’m jumping in. So, who am I anyway? I am the founding pastor of Grace Church, a Baptist church in Alpharetta, Georgia (north suburb of Atlanta). Every Sunday I get the privilege of shepherding a spiritually hungry congregation though the weekly exposition ofContinue reading “An Introduction is in Order”