Expositor’s Conference Audio is Now Available

October 26, 2007

Earlier this month I attended the Expositor’s Conference at Steven Lawson’s church in Mobile, AL. It was the best conference I have been to in a long while, and that’s saying a lot!

Both Dr. Lawson and Dr. John MacArthur preached excellent, and to-the-point messages for expositors – preachers committed to expository preaching. It was a feast for the soul.

What I appreciated most was that the messages were not belabored by generalities or taken up with rehearsing the basics of the why and what of expository preaching. The messages were very specific in application, and both men pulled no punches on the state of things in the typical contemporary pulpit. This was no dead conference.

The audio is available here for free download. There were 7 sessions total, including a great Q & A session.

Lawson kicked things off with a couple of stirring messages on expository preaching, and even a great how-to covering the basics, but the climax of the entire conference was his sermon “Famine in the Land.” If you hear nothing else, listen to that sermon!

MacArthur gave a 2-session message (“Why I Am Committed to Expository Preaching”) that began with a powerful word study on the Christian calling to be a slave. Yes, I said “powerful word study.” It was convicting. Just give it a listen and you’ll be deeply humbled before the Lord and renewed in your commitment to be a slave of Christ.

The rest of MacArthur’s session 1 and all of session 2 were given to a list of problems that result when expository preaching is neglected. He only got to about 25 of over 60 of the problems he had come up with. But those were more than enough to solidify the argument for the supremacy and necessity of expository preaching in our churches.

Listen and be edified.