Classical Music

I love music! But I’m a relative newcomer to the joys of classical music. I the genre to be a frontier that will take the rest of my life to even come close to thoroughly exploring and enjoying. Here are the resources I’m using to navigate my way deeper into this universe of music.

(COMING): Since my funds are usually limited, when I set out to purchase a performance, I want to buy the best version I can find, so I look long and hard for those that are the top-recommended performances to buy. I’ve already done the research as best I can, so I hope you’ll benefit from my choices. Of course this is a task open to varying opinions, so feel free to fill me in on your favorites too.

Podcasts (free classical music):

BBC3 Lebrecht Interviews – In-depth interviews & bio sketches with classical musicians and conductors

Vivaldi Podcast from Magnatune – 60 minutes of commercial-free Vivaldi

The Concert – Classical Masterpieces from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Radio Programs:

Performance Today (NPR) – free streaming of daily program

Discovering Music (BBC Radio 3) – free streaming of weekly program

BBC Radio 3 – free 24/7 streaming of all classical music related programs

Building Your Classical Music Library:

The NPR Guide to Building a Classical CD Collection: The Essential 350 Works, Ted Libbey

The Gramophone’s Recommended Recordings

Search The Gramophone’s Reviews (free registration required to access)

NPR’s Performance Today PT 50 – fifty essential classical music CD’s, selected by Ted Libbey

Understanding and Appreciating Classical Music:

How to Listen to and Understand Great Music, The Teaching Company course – very insightful and fun!

What to Listen for in Music, Aaron Copland – a layperson’s guide

Classical Music Without Fear: A Guide for General Audiences, Marianne Williams Tobias – very readable and helpful


One Response to Classical Music

  1. Richard Cash says:

    Youtube is an incredible source for classical music as well as many other things. An example you may enjoy:
    Be careful it’s addicting. I find myself going from one great performance to another. If true inspiration comes from God then He has inspirited or inspired so many composers and artists to fill our world with beauty and knowledge with the gifts he has given.

    Perhaps you would like to broaden you horizons a little further if so try this:

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