Maybe You Think They Went Too Far, But Maybe They Didn’t.

Maybe we haven’t gone far enough. Ian D. Campbell writes at the Reformation21 blog: Some of today’s Scottish newspapers are running a story about our local school’s girls’ football team. Against all the odds, they beat off older teams from larger schools all over Scotland, to reach the final of a national tournament sponsored byContinue reading “Maybe You Think They Went Too Far, But Maybe They Didn’t.”

God’s Joy – in a Bird

While I was praying this morning a bird kept singing outside my window. It sounded so joyful. As I listened and enjoyed the song, it made me realize that God even gives joy to birds – birds that, as Scripture sometimes describes the animals, “as having no understanding.” (e.g. the ostrich in Job 39:13-17) WeContinue reading “God’s Joy – in a Bird”

Becca’s Poem: “How Great is Our God”

Today after I preached on “Rekindling the Wonder of His Handiwork” (mp3) from Psalm 19, my 11 year old daughter, Becca, wrote this poem. How great is our God To Him we are smaller than a pod God has such great power He made all the wondrous flowers They bloom with vivid colors Like theContinue reading “Becca’s Poem: “How Great is Our God””

Staying Alive to Beauty

We can learn something very valuable from Charles Darwin. In his pursuit to observe the details of scientific specimens so intensely, his analytical attempt to understand every imaginable component of an object actually served to undermine his ability to stay alive to beauty. He said so in his autobiography. “I have said that in oneContinue reading “Staying Alive to Beauty”